Vola is a company specialised in offering professional SMS services. We have been on the market for over 15 years and as a leader company in the sector, we believe in the SMS as a likely efficient marketing tool to promote services and products to keep the contact with clients alive. The success of the many SMS marketing campaigns that our clients manage is a daily reminder of the communicative potential of the SMS and the reliability of our services.

Guaranteed services

We guarantee high quality SMS services with the delivery of the SMS within a few seconds from sending using only (for the Gold type SMS) the direct connections with national mobile phone operators. Our services are all run using our own Hardware and Software infrastructure, dedicated, fault tolerant and of very high quality using state-of-the-art technological solutions. Our Gateway SMS can send millions of SMS a day.

Our history

Vola was born in March 2000, one of the first companies in Italy to supply SMS services via the Internet. Since the beginning, Vola has, with its competence and professionalism, grown to be a supplier of projects and services in the mobile and web sector to important national companies. In 2006 Vola joined the Welcome Italia Group (tenth Italian landline operator), thus being able to use the infrastructures of a national Telecommunications operator directly. Thanks to the synergies with Welcome Italia, Vola has also been offering hosting and cloud services since 2010.

Vola is not only SMS

We offer professional services of consultancy, system integration, software development, building and managing outsourcing with our own infrastructure of web sites and portals, with a special focus on the mobile sector.


In Vola, we believe that technology offers us many opportunities today:
The SMS is still the only large-scale instrument used by everybody that delivers the message directly in the hands of the target. Our mission is to offer safe and easy services to our clients.

*Vola in Italian comes from the verb "volare", which means, "to fly" (TN)